And part of our daily lives.

By Rachel Greenlee de Lechuga (with permission)

Summer in central Mexico is the rainy season. Late in the day, I always prefer to be inside. More often than not, dark clouds pile up in the north and gradually migrate south, eventually dumping torrents of rain on my neighborhood. If it comes down too hard or too long, some water leaks into the house through my skylight. Occasionally, hailstones rattle down on the Plexiglass, and a conversation becomes close to impossible. Outside, some streets become flooded, making even driving rather risky. We plan to do our most important activities earlier in the day.

This time of year, the…

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Las lenguas cambian constantemente. Algunos vocablos desaparecen con el tiempo y otros surgen. Los jóvenes y grupos distintos inventan su jerga. Los nuevos inventos requieren nuevos términos. Las diferentes lenguas se influyen mutuamente, lo cual da inicio a lo que llamamos préstamos. Un indígena mexicano, al saber que usar palabras del español no significaba perder su lengua sino que se llaman préstamos, observó: “Pues ya no son prestados, ¡porque ahora son nuestros!”

Please Tell Us How Long We Have!

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I used to think it was rather cruel for physicians to tell patients with terminal diseases and their families how many months they could expect to live. It seemed like giving them a life sentence, or a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now, almost four years after my husband’s passing, I realize that it would have helped to have a prognosis, a window of time, an idea of how long we might expect him to live. When we visited the specialist, I was afraid to ask. My fear: What would my husband think? …

A New Achievement in 2020: Me Too!

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It has been inspiring to learn how the pandemic year — now more than a year along — has resulted in many of us making changes in our lives.

Early in 2020, before anyone imagined what was ahead, I got a spanking new cell phone. When I noticed a step-counter among the apps, I decided to try it.

In middle age, I’d read about power-walking in Prevention magazine, and learned that it was great for my overall health, even my bones. That got me started in a not-too-regular walking practice, and then I even got to jogging much of the…

The Mexican Dish You Won’t See in Most US “Mexican” Restaurants

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Every August, my Mexican sister-in-law and family took on their painstaking yearly tradition, making chiles en nogada to celebrate the birthdays of my brother-in-law and his youngest daughter. This complicated dish, typical of the state of Puebla, originally was a dessert created in colonial times, and eventually became a meal in itself, combining sweet and savory with the addition of shredded meat. …

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From a distance, I remember Lennoxville, Quebec, a university town, still mainly English in a sea of French. Many of the earlier homes and buildings are from the nineteenth century, some red brick, some clapboard. Although my son Steve and his family of five now live in the neighboring city of Sherbrooke, where French Canadians are now in the majority, sometimes in Lennoxville he will bump into people who still remember him from college days there.

My son and his wife drive across the river to take the kids there for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. It’s a place where…

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One summer, for the first time, I was invited to go for a sail in the ocean. Previously, I had travelled on large steam boats, on ferries, and motorboats, but this was quite a different story!

Not only must any boat must be guided in the right direction, but barriers and sandbars must be avoided. Here, I discovered, there was much more to keep the captain busy.

Margie Hord de Mendez

Canadian-Mexican linguist and translator, Margie loves to write about cross-cultural living, faith, family, aging gracefully… and more!

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